Goldman Products - About Us

About Us


Since 1979, Goldman Products has been the leading innovator in the field of dental instrument retipping. Since our humble start in our president's garage, we have been committed to providing the best services and instruments we can for the lowest prices around. Our innovations spurred the entire dental instrument retipping industry and changed the game for price- and quality-conscious dental practitioners around the world. Thanks to practitioners like you who are tired of spending too much money in an endless cycle of purchasing new instruments, we're still innovating and growing.

Our Facility

Thankfully, we are no longer confined to a small garage. Because of our loyal patrons, we've upgraded and changed our facilities to meet your growing demand for affordable, high-quality American-made instruments. Our facilities have been in the Chicago suburbs for over three decades. We create and repair your dental instruments right here in Wauconda, Illinois, so you get manufacturer-direct prices that are very hard for other manufacturers to beat. All of our hand instrument and tip materials are sourced from the USA, and we only work with industry-leading and reputable USA companies.

Our Product Line

We pride ourselves on carrying a vast and extensive product line to meet your every need. We carry hard-to-find dental instruments and instruments that have been discontinued by other companies as well. If it's not in our catalog, you can probably custom-build it - and if not, we're happy to take a look at a sample or drawing and make it for you.

We also carry a diverse selection of handles for you to choose from, should you choose to purchase new instruments or trade in your old ones. Skinny octagonal handles for those who like a more classic feel; and wide, black, stylish handles for those who like to change it up. If you have a preference, we have something that can fit it. If you don't have a preference, we always have something on sale.

MicroDent Instruments

Goldman Products recently acquired another long-standing and industry-leading dental instrument manufacturer, MicroDent. MicroDent's extensive product line specialized in modified and customized operative and surgical instruments, and we are thrilled to be able to offer their product line in addition to our own. If you have been looking for MicroDent dental instruments, you have come to the right place. Please contact us for further information or to place an order.

Our Customers

We owe all of our continued success to our loyal and devoted customers. If not for your interest in our innovations and products, the crazy idea that was Goldman Products would still be in that little garage, probably packed away for good. You have given us the privilege of maintaining dental instruments from all around the world. We are sincerely grateful for that opportunity, and to express that gratitude, we have continued to keep our prices low, our quality high, and our material and labor local. We promise to keep doing so for as long as our customers value us for these beliefs. Thank you for choosing Goldman Products to meet your dental instrument needs.