Goldman Products - Dental Instrument Catalog: Carver
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CD89   CD92CD89/92
Cleoid-Discoid 89/92
    IPC1-L   IPC1-RIPC1
    Inter-Proximal Carver 1
    • Offset sickle-shaped blade, adapts well to posterior teeth
    Inter-Proximal Carver
    • Thin straight blade fits easily between teeth
    Andrew1-L   Andrew1-RCVA1
    Andrew 1
      Hollenback 3S
      CD3   CD6CD3/6
      Cleoid-Discoid 3/6
      • 3.0mm discoid
      • 3.0mm cleoid
      CD4   CD5CD4/5
      Cleoid-Discoid 4/5
      • 2.0mm discoid
      • 2.0mm cleoid
      Cleoid-Discoid WACD
      • Large blade for overall shaping
      CD1   CD2CD1/2
      Cleoid-Discoid 1/2
      • 1.5mm discoid
      • 1.5mm cleoid
      Andrew3-L   Andrew3-RCVA3
      Andrew 3
      • Similar in size and shape to WACD
      Andrew2-L   Andrew2-RCVA2
      Andrew 2
      • Similar in size and shape to CD3/6
      CLA4-L   CLA4-RCLA4
      Clappison 4
        CD90   CD93CD90/93
        Cleoid-Discoid 90/93
          CVFR2   CVFR3CVFR2/3
          Frahm Carver 2/3
            FRATES1-L   FRATES1-RFRATES1
            Frates 1
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