Goldman Products - Dental Instrument Catalog: Curette
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Nevi 1 with Larger Hygienist H 5 Sickle
  • Same size as the H6/H7; but not offset.
  • Anterior spoon curette
SH5   SL5SH5/L5
Hygienist/Langer H5/L5 Anterior
SH5   SN137-RSH5/N137
Hygienist/Langer H5/N137 Anterior
Hygienist/Langer H5/L5 Anterior Mini
GR12   GR13SG12/13
Gracey GR 12/13 Mesial and Distal Right-Side
GR11   GR12SG11/12
Gracey GR 11/12
GR11   GR14SG11/14
Gracey GR 11/14 Mesial and Distal Left-Side
SN128   SL5SN128/L5
Nebraska N 128/Langer 5
  • Anterior sickle
  • Anterior universal curette
SN128   SL5LMSN128/L5LM
Nebraska N 128/Langer 5 Mini
  • Anterior sickle
  • Extended terminal shank and shortened blade make deep pockets easier to access
GR13   GR14SG13/14
Gracey GR 13/14
BH5   BH6SBH5/6
Barnhart BH 5/6 Universal
SC13C   SC14CSC13/14C
Columbia COL 13/14 Classic
Gracey GR 5/6 Rigid
SNEVI1-R   Single-EndSNEV1-R
Nev 1 Anterior Spoon
  • Anterior spoon curette
  • Single-End Instrument
GR1   GR2SG1/2
Gracey GR 1/2
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