Goldman Products - FAQ


Do I have to re-tip with the same tips as the original?

No. You may change tips, however, there are some restrictions. We CANNOT change the marking on the handle. Also, the tips you want need to have the same tip size on your current instrument (i.e. we cannot make an explorer into a scaler).

Are there any hidden fees?

The only fees you pay are for the services you receive and shipping both ways. That's it!

Can you re-tip cavitrons?

No, we currently cannot re-tip or repair cavitrons.

Can I use trade-in instruments as credit towards other services?

No. Trade-in instruments may be used as credit towards new instruments ONLY.

Can I get a different instrument when I trade-in?

Yes, you can get different instruments than what you trade in! You may trade anything, in any condition, and get a new Goldman hygiene instrument of your choice in return.

Other manufacturers have a 12 for 1 free replacement program, so what is the advantage of using Goldman's trade-in program?

At Goldman, we have a 1 for 1 trade-in program. For every instrument you send, we give you a discount on a new instrument of your choice. See a break-down of Goldman vs. the Other Guys below:

Goldman: Other Guys:
12 Old Instruments 12 Old instruments
1 for 1 Trade-in 1- Free
12 X $13.49* 11 X $36.00
12 NEW = $161.88!!! 12 NEW = $396.00
*Prices shown = Current wide handle prices

How should I ship my instruments to you?

You may ship your instruments through any carrier you choose. For your convenience, we do offer a pre-paid FedEx label on this website for you to use. You may download and print a label directly from our website. Call 1-800-Go-FedEx to schedule a pickup, or schedule the pick-up through the link on our website!

Is the pre-paid FedEx label free shipping?

No. We will charge you for the pre-paid FedEx label on your invoice.

Can I put my pre-paid FedEx label in a FedEx drop box?

No. We can't stress this enough! Please call 1-800-Go-FedEx to schedule a pickup, or schedule directly from our website. We are not responsible for instrument loss from packages left in a FedEx drop box. Drop boxes are NOT intended for pre-paid ground labels.

How should I package my instruments when I send them to you?

Please sterilize your instruments before sending them to us. You may use any sturdy box to ship your instruments. We recommend that you pack your instruments tightly, to prevent the instruments from shaking around and breaking through the box.

Can you tell me what service my instruments need?

Yes. Just mark the boxes on the order form that indicate the service(s) you want for your instruments. Most customers mark the sharpen, re-tip, and replace boxes with instructions that say "Please replace if you can't sharpen or re-tip." Marking your form this way means we will try to sharpen first, and if we can't sharpen then we will re-tip; if we can't re-tip then we will replace the instrument for you at our trade-in price.

What is the turn-around time?

Typically you will have your instruments back in about 10 business days (approximately 2 weeks). This is mainly for the shipping time back and forth. There are some exceptions to this.

Can my order be rushed?

In some cases, an order can be rushed. Sometimes it is as simple as our office being aware that an order needs to be turned around quickly. Other times, it is more involved and needs to be shipped overnight. Please give our office a call BEFORE sending in your order to discuss options that are available.