Goldman Products - Our Commitment to Quality



Goldman Products is committed to using the finest quality materials available for your dental instruments. All of our hand instrument tips are formed from USA-melt Surgical Stainless Steel that has been precision-machined and processed to an optimum level of hardness for each instrument's specific purpose.

We also have other coatings that we can add to your instruments to enhance their inherent longevity, such as a Tungstenized coating or Titanium Nitride coating. However, choosing not to use these additional options does not mean that your instruments are made from inferior material. You can expect a similar lifetime from our instruments as you can expect from any other company's instruments - or better, depending on where said other company got their material.


We assemble your instruments the same way any other major manufacturer assembles their instruments. The tips are machined from American-melt Surgical Stainless Steel and formed to the exact specifications of each specific instrument that we make. They are then processed according to the purpose of the instrument and securely sealed into the handles - either your handles if you're retipping, or our handles if you're purchasing new instruments. The seal ensures that your instrument is as good as new and fits together properly. We then hand-polish and sharpen your instruments according to their original design or according to your custom directions.

Tip Design

All of our instruments are based upon the same standard design specs that are used around the world. While we do occasionally make modifications to a select few of our instruments, those modifications are made to meet the overwhelming demand of our customers. Likewise, we are happy to custom-modify any of our standard instruments on a customer-by-customer basis. So if you have your own ideas for modifying an existing instrument design, let us know and we can make your ideas a reality. If you want to design a brand-new instrument design from the ground up, we can work with you on that too - just send us a drawing or description and we'll be happy to help.

Handle Design

We carry many different designs of handles, from the classic skinny octagonal handle to our brand-new Obsidian series black stainless steel handles. And we won't tell you that you can only get a certain instrument with a certain type of handle - you're free to order a brand-new design of tip with a not-so-new handle, or vice-versa. We also carry most of our handle designs in different sizes, so you're not left out if you like one of our grip designs but want a different handle diameter. Our handles are made with American-melt stainless steel* for comfort and longevity. They are among the lightest steel handles ever made and can be used and retipped for years.

Our Guarantee

All new instruments you purchase from Goldman Products are covered by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If the instrument design is not what you expected it to be or you would like to change your new instruments for different ones, you may send your unmodified instruments back to us at any time within 30 days from the date of invoice and we will exchange them for you for just the cost of postage and handling. There may be an additional charge if the instrument you send in is not the same price as the instrument you wish to exchange it for, but there are no restocking fees or any other hidden charges. The same guarantee applies to any damaged or otherwise undesirable instrument.

All of our new and retipped instruments are guaranteed against material and workmanship defects for 30 days from the date of invoice. If you notice a problem with a retipped instrument such as handle or tip damage or a different design than you had asked for, please contact us right away so that we can work with you to resolve the matter. If a problem is found, and determined by Goldman Products to be caused by a material or workmanship defect, we will take the instrument back and resolve the problem. Whether we repair the affected instrument or replace it will be at our discretion.

Instruments that were sent to Goldman Products for sharpening are not guaranteed. Because we may not know who originally supplied the material for the tips and have no control over how they were handled before we received them, we cannot guarantee them from breakage or damage in any case. If you are concerned about tip damage resulting from our sharpening service, please consider retipping them instead. The cost difference is negligible, and you get the peace of mind of having our above 30-day guarantee apply to your instruments.

*The #2 Octagon handle is made of traditional chrome-plated brass