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Environmental Responsibility

It's Easy Being Green.

Businesses such as dental practices have many ways available to them to help the environment. You probably already know about conserving paper and using more efficient equipment - but did you know about retipping?


Retipping your dental instruments is an easy, painless way to reduce waste. Instead of discarding a whole instrument when it has been used, retipping the instrument means that you only discard the tips - the smallest part of the instrument.


Retipping is also a great way to reuse what you already have. By saving and reusing the handles of your instruments, you help cut the amount of raw material that needs to be mined from the earth as well as the energy that would be used to process that material into an instrument handle.


All of the used tips that we remove from instruments are recycled and used to make new products, to further slash the need for more material to be extracted and processed.

Ecologically and economically responsible!

Imagine a situation where doing the right thing for the environment could actually save you money. That scenario doesn't work well with cars, special light bulbs, or home appliances. All of those require you to spend more money in order to lower your environmental impact. Retipping isn't that way. Retipping is an inexpensive, environmentally-sound alternative to the expensive, wasteful practice of perpetually buying new instruments.

Save the environment and money with Goldman Products.