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Handpiece Repair

Instruments and Handpieces In One Place

What could be better?

Goldman Products is proud to announce that we now accept handpieces in need of repair. Send your handpieces in to be overhauled, rebuilt, refurbished, and enhanced at exceptionally low prices.

Damaged drills, sluggish sonic scalers, chuck conversions and more! High speed, low speed and lab handpieces as well as air scalers, nose cones and electric attachments can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

So send us your tired, your poor, your broken handpieces yearning to work properly. Pack them with your next sharpening and retipping order and let us be your one-stop repair shop for the tools you use the most.

Please give us a shout via email or telephone for an estimate or with any questions you have.

General pricing for most equipment starts at $94 for high-speed, $165 for low-speed, $125 for sonic scalers, $229 for lab handpieces, $89 for nose cones, and $109 for electric attachments*.

*Price may vary depending on the specific make and model that you have; we cannot tell prices for certain until we can evaluate your items.