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Titanium Nitride

Worth its weight in gold.

Both strong and beautiful, Titanium Nitride (or TiN for short) is an incredible breakthrough in dental instrument technology.

Titanium Nitride is a gold-colored coating that, when applied to hygiene instruments, can eliminate sharpening from your instrument rotation altogether. The TiN coating protects your blade with an ultra-hard, biologically inert surface that can withstand major wear before becoming dull.

Most users can expect the same lifetime out of their TiN instruments as they can expect from their normal Surgical Stainless Steel instruments - but without the need to sharpen. When your instruments finally do get dull, just send them to us for retipping or trade-in.

TiN can also be a great addition to your restorative instruments! TiN makes an incredible non-stick coating, so you can say goodbye to cleaning stuck composite material off of your instruments, and you will be able to shape and mold your restorations with ease and efficiency.

As is the case with switching to any new instrument material, we suggest trying TiN on only a few instruments at first. The TiN coating can change the feel of your instruments, and may not be equally enjoyed by everyone.