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Hard to pronounce. Easy to love.

Have you ever wondered, "What does this word I've never seen before mean, anyways?" Well, wonder no more.

Tungstenizing is a way to supercharge your hygiene scalers and curettes by extending the life of your blades by 2 to 3 times (or more!) their normal lifetime between sharpenings.

A thin "plate of armor" is fused to the face of your blades, staving off wear and tear to the blade itself. When the blade finally does get worn, it can be sharpened like any other and used again.

The protection will remain with your instrument until it is completely used up. And by then, you will have used it much longer than other instruments.

Loosely translated, Tungstenizing is shorthand for "I really hate sharpening instruments, and would give anything to not do it so often."

As is the case with switching to any new instrument material, we suggest trying Tungstenizing on only a few instruments at first. The coating can change the feel of your instruments, and may not be equally enjoyed by everyone.