Goldman Products - Ship Us a Package

Shipping Label - US addresses only

Need to send some instruments for repair? Enter your return address and print a paid FedEx label using this form.

You will be billed for using our return label

Up to one pound is $9.40 and every additional pound is $1.50 extra. Alaska and Hawaii may cost more. One pound is usually about 15-20 regular hand instruments.

Do not put your package in a drop-box

FedEx drop-boxes are only to be used for Express shipments, not ground. (Silly, we know!) Any ground packages put into a drop-box can be delayed by days, or longer. Bring your package to a FedEx store to drop it off, or set up a pickup from your home or office.

To schedule a pickup

FedEx pickups for our packages are free! After printing, schedule a pickup online or call 1-800-GO-FEDEX (463-3339) and ask for a "Ground Return Pickup". You will need the tracking number found underneath the barcode on your label.