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Dental Instrument Sharpening

Rejuvenate your instruments with our Sharpening service. Have your instruments honed back to their original shape by our trained technicians. No guides, stones or devices necessary, and prices start at just $1.10 per end!

Dental Instrument Retipping

Are your blades just too short, too skinny, or too broken to try to sharpen any more? No worries - our retipping service is right up your alley. We can replace worn, unused or entirely broken tips with brand-new, American-melt Surgical Stainless Steel tips for an incredibly low price - most instruments are just $1.99 per end!

Our retipping process is based on the same process your instruments went through when they were originally manufactured. First, we remove the old tips in their entirety, then expertly insert and seal a new American-melt Surgical Stainless Steel tip into the handle. Our new tips are precision-made to fit into the handle just as snugly and tightly as the old tips. Your instruments are then sharpened and polished by hand. There are only three differences between retipping an existing instrument and purchasing new: the price, the removal of the old tips, and the environmental friendliness of retipping.

Trade-Ins - Recycle Your Old Instruments

Unfortunately, some instruments cannot be retipped. Also just as unfortunate, some instruments are plain ugly and undesirable. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Trade-ins are a great way to get rid of unrepairable or unwanted instruments. Simply send them to us - we'll take care of the recycling, you get a new instrument to replace it at a special price.

Instruments Serviced

Goldman Products can service the vast majority of all dental hand instruments. And if we can't service it - we can replace it!

  • Hygiene Instruments
  • Perio Explorers & Probes
  • Restorative
  • Scissors
  • Forceps & Pliers
  • Wire & Ligature Cutters
  • Surgical
    • Elevators
    • Scalers & Curettes
    • Knives
    • Periosteals
    • Periotomes
  • And many more!

Ready To Get Started?

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